«Gorbachev & Partners» are professional defenders, best in its league.

Our services are strictly individual and exclusive. We charge high fees, but the results always yield benefit to our clients.

Our clients are someone who faces serious problems. Often, in their cases all their business is put at stake, or even personal freedom. We know the responsibility we take and work without right to mistake.

We know how to secure your interest, your freedom, your business and your property.

We are experienced litigators and we do all we can to settle the dispute in most beneficial for our client way. Valuing your time, we try to do it even before the case comes to the court.

Our work and information you share with us, always remains privileged and confidential. We know that this is our clients’ priority and our duty and we treat all the information we receive very sensitive, using all the methods of data protection.

Our advantages 

  1. We are litigators and defenders. This means that the court work is our main priority, and we do it well. We come to help you, when bringing the case to the court is the last resort to seek justice, or when you have to defend yourself from someone’s claims on your property or your freedom.
  2. We are defenders with extensive experience in criminal cases on so-called white-collar crimes.
  3. Being licensed attorneys, we always protect attorney-client privilege. Being confident that the information will not be disclosed, clients may trust us with all the required information to procure the positive outcome in the case.
  4. Attorney-client privilege in Russia encompass not only the information available during working on the case, but the fact of attorney’s engagement itself. You may discuss the most sensitive issues with us and no one will even know that you are preparing the case. Safety of information is a big privilege in the world were information is becoming the most valuable asset.
  5. You pay for the result. Contingent fee constitutes the biggest part of fees for our services. We are confident in our success and want you to be confident therein too, therefore we waive significant part of our fee from billing hours and you pay us only when we win the case. And paying with money awarded to you by the court will not require you to adjust your budget planning.
  6. When your company engage us for legal work, instead of hiring in-house litigator, they benefit from not having to think of social guarantees (pension allowances, vacation, sick leave, medical insurance etc.) and of expenses for lawyer’s working place. You pay for service only.
  7. We work throughout all the territory of Russian Federation, ready to take up the case in any region. You do not need to hire numerous lawyers for different regions.

The cases that we specialize on:

  • Representing our clients in disputes arising from commercial contracts;
  • Representing our clients in disputes arising from state/municipal contracts (44-FZ, State military order (GOZ; 275-FZ), including challenging authorized banks’ and Federal Anti-Trust Service (FAS) decisions;
  • Bankruptcies (including preparatory measures and most complicated cases);
  • Participation in courts decisions’ enforcement (both on behalf of debtor and creditor);
  • Representation of employers in employment/labor disputes;
  • Tax disputes, representation of clients during Federal Tax Service tax audit, challenging Federal Tax Service decisions;
  • Disputes arising from import contracts, including challenging Federal Customs Service decisions.
  • Representation of individuals in negotiations and during transactions (share purchase, realty sale, etc);
  • Representation of companies and sole proprietors in disputes with consumers and Consumer Protection Service;
  • Working on criminal cases on judicial and investigation stage (preparation of employees for interrogations, overseeing compliance of the searches and other investigation actions with the law);